Medieval Bash held at St. Martin's Church Hall on  Saturday, 4th February 2017

The object of this function was to raise funds for the choir but also to enjoy each other's company in relaxed circumstances.  Well,  it succeeded on both counts.  The Social and Fundraising committee worked extremely hard organising the food and the decoration of the hall.  The decor was a triumph with greenery, candles, fairy lights, banners, bunting and a magnificent swan and boar's head completing the medieval look.  On the stage we had the brilliant La Volta who played while people were gathering and then again after the meal.  The pottage was efficiently served by a team of serving wenches and the tarts proved very popular (no reference to serving wenches intended!). Replete with good food we enjoyed some of La Volta's earthy songs and then the moment came for dancing.  There was no need to encourage people onto the floor. They couldn't wait to get started!  Lynn Childs was the caller while the band played and her instructions were so clear that each dance was completed without any of the usual chaos.  Maybe we are just good at listening to instructions although our musical director would probably disagree!  It was a brilliant evening and huge thanks go to all those who worked so hard to make it happen.  The next social occasion will be a 50th anniversary party on Saturday, 17th June at Plas Hyfryd in Narberth.

After all the bills were paid the Medieval Bash made around £670 for choir funds.


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